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Our Approach

Strategic, Long-Term Investing

Quincy & Company’s primary goal is to own quality real estate with long-term appreciation and income-producing potential. To achieve this goal, we follow a disciplined investment strategy.

We target markets in which we have a deep knowledge base and invest primarily in four asset classes: retail, multi-family, mixed-use and office., We primarily focus on long-term investment opportunities. In short, we look for quality investments, not quantity. This allows our team to give each investment the attention it deserves and to stay accessible to our valued partners. This patient and focused approach has proved a recipe for long-term success throughout the firm’s history.

Identifying Quality Investments

Markets inevitably change, and neighborhoods evolve. We believe that quality investments should have the potential to adapt as the market demands.

We’ve led the successful redevelopment of properties throughout the region, establishing and protecting long-term, durable income streams. This philosophy drives our investment strategy, and it has helped us maximize value during up cycles, while mitigating risk in down periods.

With this focus in mind, our firm spends a significant amount of time in the early stages of every investment. Our goal is to identify any obstacles that may arise during due diligence. This approachst helps us to identify the highest quality opportunities in our target markets. 

Our Strategic Partnerships

We’ve found that aligned interests are a key to successful partnerships. We look for likeminded partners that share our even-tempered investment approach, and seek to cultivate long-term relationships with those trusted partners.

We take a vested interest in our partnerships. Our firm invests meaningful capital alongside partners, and we provide ongoing management expertise from start to finish. Our team brings a wealth of asset management expertise and operational support to every project. 

Have Questions? Contact us.

Contact Quincy & Company with your tenant questions or investment inquiries.   

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